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Boat Registration

The three commercial marinas issue Madera County registration stickers; the sticker is valid for the calendar year. You must register immediately upon launching. A colored sticker is issued. For more information contact the sheriff at 559-642-3606.

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Registration Fees

  • Under 51 hp: $35.00  

  • 51 hp - 250 hp: $53.00  

  • 250 hp+ : $66.00  

  • PWC: $50.00   


There are Two launch ramps. On the North side at Bass Lake WaterSports, the fee is $20 per launch. Trailer parking is available at the Pines resort for $20 per day or free for guests. A public ramp is on the South East side near the dam and but there is a $7 per day parking fee. Parking is limited. The North West side at the falls and South shore is owned by the US forest service and day use or camping is available. Day use parking fee is $3 per vehicle.

Lake Tows

The Sheriff no longer tows boats. Contact Bass Lake water sports at 559-642-3200 a standard fee of $225 applies, prices may vary.

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You must be 16 years old to operate a boat. Boats shall travel in a counter clock wise direction. Crossing the lake should be done like making a left hand turn. Boats may be of any size. There are noise regulations and they are enforced. The outer edge is designated as 5 mph (no wake zones) by large orange bouys. An orange flag must be displayed when people or equipment is outside the boat and the boat is not under way. The flagger must be at least 12 yrs old and it can not be the driver; so you must have a minimum of 3 peopler aboard (driver, flagger, and whomever is being towed). Tubes designed to stay airborne acting like a kite are not permitted; double towing is also not permitted. Boats and PWC's are not allowed in swim areas. The boat in front of you always has the right of way. You must yield 100ft from any boat showing an orange flag.

You must be 16 years old to operate a Personal Water Craft and they are restricted to Three designated areas. PWC's are allowed to travel to and from each area (zig zagging and spins etc. are not allowed).  PWC's are not allowed to cruise the lake; stopping in the middle, changing directions will get the attention of the sheriff. PWC's are not permitted to tow. This is a full contact lake with water sports and swimming allowed. State and Federal Laws apply.


This is only a partial list of rules. For further information contact the Madera County Sheriffs Department - Boat Patrol.

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